Learning and Complex Behavior

Ch. 1. Origins of Behavior

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Learning and Complex Behavior can be used as a textbook for either undergraduate or graduate students and as a general reference for those interested in the implications of basic biobehavioral science for human behavior.  To assist students, detailed Study Questions have been prepared that are coordinated with the chapter headings. Selecting Button 1 on the web page for a chapter leads to the Study Questions. These questions can be printed directly from the web browser or copied and pasted into a word-processing program for reformatting prior to printing. The Study Questions supplement the more general questions and technical terms found at the end of each chapter.

For a focus on the fundamentals with either undergraduate or graduate students, instructors may omit some portions of the text. Selecting Button 2 provides a Sample Syllabus with suggested omissions.

The web page for a chapter may also contain supplemental and updated material coordinated with the topics treated in Learning and Complex Behavior. This material may be used for extra-credit assignments in undergraduate courses or as assigned readings in graduate courses. A brief description of the content is given for each Button.

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1. Study questions

2. Sample Syllabus for a one-semester undergraduate or graduate course that focuses on the fundamentals

3. Further discussion of the differences between behavior analysis and normative psychology. (related to The Biobehavioral Approach, p. 10 ff.)

4. Further discussion of the relation between behavior analysis and neuroscience.

5. Instructions for the use of FlashPaper documents.