Learning and Complex Behavior

A Video describing the theoretical background, experimental findings, and some of the implications of the Unified Reinforcement Principle

The video may be accessed at the following URL (link).


If your internet browser includes a video player as an add-on, then the video will probably play on the web page. If the browser does not include a video player, the video may be seen with a PC, Mac, or Linux operating system as follows:

1. Download and install the appropriate VLC video player at


2. Copy the URL given at the beginning of these directions for the link to the movie.

3. Open the VLC player and paste the URL in the appropriate place in the player. The place varies somewhat with the operating system.

For PC, click on “Media” in the upper left hand of the player, choose “Open Network Stream” from the drop-down menu, paste the URL in the resulting field, and press “Run.”

For MAC, click on “Open Media” button, click on “Network” tab at top, paste URL into URL field, and then click on “Open” button.

For Linux or for other video players, the basic requirement is to paste the URL in the proper field to permit access to streaming material.